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Capstone Interactive Library

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Mission Statement

The mission of Calvin Public School is to provide all students a solid educational foundation including information literacy and technology skills necessary to prepare them to function and compete as informed productive citizens of the democratic society and digital age in which we live.

Child Find

Do you know a child with a disability or suspected disability age 3 to 21 years?

Calvin Public School wants to identify children with established or suspected disabilities, regardless of the severity, and provide the most appropriate services to meet their individual needs. These children do not have to be enrolled in school, Head Start, day care, state institutions, other child care, or treatment facilities.

Help us to provide services to any child with a disability in need of special education and related services! Contact Patricia Marlow, Principal, at (405) 645-2411 (telephone) or (405) 645-1056 (FAX), or mail to: P.O. Box 127, Calvin, OK 74531.


Bully Policy

Calvin Public School believes that every child is unique and special and has the right to be treated with respect. Our Bully Policy is posted on this website. You have the right to report any incidence to one of our principals. If you or a student should want to report anonymously, a written note can be dropped in the locked box at our front west entrance. You can also call 405-645-2411 X 1017 and leave an anonymous message. Or you can complete a “Bully Suspension” form online and it will be routed to the principal. This form can be found by clicking here. Any reports will be invested.